It Only Took 30 Years…

he date was July 21st, 1985. Kristina Wesselman was a 1T5-year-old who was described in The Tribune reports as a “popular, athletic Glenbard South High School student who was president of her freshman class and well-liked in Valley View, her tightly-knit, middle-class subdivision.” I am not going to focus a whole lot on the details of Miss Wesselman’s murder. The focus here is on the man who is responsible for Miss Wesselman’s death. His name is Michael R. Jones, and he has been residing in Champaign, IL since his release from Prison in 1983. Jones, a repeat offender, was charged in July of 2015 with aggravated domestic assault. This was a pivotal moment in Miss Wesselman’s cold-case investigation.

In 2002, the laws changed and require that all felony offenders submit DNA to be recorded in the National Data-base. “That law resulted in the evidence that led to the charges in this case,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said at a news conference. “Although it’s taken 30 years, we are now on our way to getting the full measure of justice that this case demands.” How would justice ever had been served if this change in legislature never took place back in 2002?

Now, I am not one to praise the addition of a new law; there are too many stupid laws as it is. However, I am glad this particular law was enacted and enforced. Bureaucracies drop the ball and fail to reach realistic means of enforcement with several laws. Thankfully, they have done a wonderful job with enforcing this law and collected necessary data.

Seriously though? It took authorities 30 years to find this man! Furthermore, had the law not changed in 2002, the investigators would have never found this man. Here he has been in Champaign, IL all these years, doing God knows what, and the authorities have not even known to look for him, until now. In one aspect, this is great that technologies have advanced and old crimes are now being solves; however, it is a shame that it has taken 30 years to find this man. He was out on bond for a sexual assault case. This is not his first crime. How many other crimes has he committed in the mean time? Thanks to advances in data-base technology, we may have the answer to that question soon


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