For the love of God… BRIDGE THE GAP

I was driving when I heard the report. The radio dj announced the 2015 results for the national SAT average. I nearly missed my turn because of the shock it imposed! For as long as I can remember, there has been this huge controversy over educational reform. New policies have been applied and budget cuts have taken place. Teaching ideals have shifted, and it continues to be a highly disputed topic across the country. Several groups of educators have come forward with strategies to correct the various issues; however, policy-makers continue to impose policies that further hinder the education process. Now, here we are with the results of recent efforts staring us directly in the face. How can anyone argue against reform at this point?

The college board has been publishing SAT averages since 1972. This year, they announced the scores are the lowest they have been in several years. Reading results were said to be the lowest scores ever published. A decade of test-driven instruction has not improved SAT scores. In fact, the test scores have declined to alarming levels. So, you thought teaching to test was the answer to our problems? Think again.

I do not claim to have the magic bullet to fix this issue, but I do believe we need to shake things up and focus on the students’ strengths rather than trying to force a national standard. What happened to celebrating individuality? Let’s get back to that shall we?

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