The “fix it” mentality versus the “discard” mentality

Somewhere along the way in history, society has shifted from the “fix it” mentality to this new “discard” mentality. This does not simply apply to one aspect of life, it has taken over all aspects of life. When a relationship becomes difficult, people are quick to call it quits. Rather than sharpening blades, people will buy new knives. A car break down and the owner would rather buy a new one than fix the old one. Where did this come from?

Products used to be manufactured with the intent to last. Now, goods are manufactured in the cheapest possible manner, with no intention that the product will actually last. Whatever the product may be, the manufacturers look at this as opportunity to make additional money off of consumers. Once the product breaks, the consumer will be forced to spend more money on another product.

Marriage used to be forever. They were for better or worst, ’til death do we part. Now, people are running around working on their fourth, fifth, and sixth marriages. The U.S. divorce statistics for 2014 show that between 40-50% of first time marriages end in divorce. Those same statistics state that subsequent marriages carry an even higher divorce rate. The reality of this is disheartening. How can little girls across the nation dream of their wedding day when the inevitability of it ending in divorce hovers over that marriage dream? It is almost safe to say that we might as well teach our daughters that after they dream up their “perfect” wedding day, go ahead and imagine the details of your divorce. Then again, that would mean embracing a “discard” mentality.

Rather than accepting this new mentality of discarding (or quitting), lets all get back to the core of things and fix this mess. Teach our children to take care of the things they have. Teach them that if they are going to do something, do it correctly (no half-ass work). Teach them about respect, love, and humility. Teach them that quitters never win, and winners never quit. Hell, just teach your children! Stop eavesdropping on your neighbors, or gossiping about others. Do not let society teach them for you because you may be sickened by the lesson that is out there.



A Service Driven Industry and Gratuity

Everywhere we look there are services being provided to consumers. This is not news to any of you. You see it when you walk down the street. You see it when you open your mail box. You see it when you sit down on the couch to relax and flip on the television. The thing you may not be aware of is how poorly these individuals are being paid. Several class action law suits have been filed against some of the industry’s leading corporations because they are not paying their employees acceptable wages. Many of these employees are working for tips, and tips are sometimes not given. Consumers assume that the high prices they pay include gratuity, and most times this is not the case. Delivery services are charging delivery fees, yet drivers are not given the fee. This is the ugly truth that no one outside the industry is really aware of. Drivers rack up maintenance costs and fuel costs to be paid a server wage (often around $2/ hour) and it just doesn’t balance out. What do we as consumers do you may ask? We educate the public. We educate our children. Tip the person providing a service, whether it is a delivery driver, waitress, hair dresser, or tattoo artist. Tips should always be customary whenever you are receiving a service.


The world is full of exaggerations, deceit, ignorance and perspectives. The purpose of this blog is not to tell you what is right or wrong, but rather to offer a different point of view to the world around us. Mainstream media is an awful contributor to societies ignorance. These media sources publish stories to tug at the emotions of millions of individuals, but for what purpose? The answer to that question is quite complex and largely varies between circumstances. Social media sites are plagued with articles that appeal to the clients, yet distract the masses from more important information about what is going on in the world. It is time for the population to wake up and see what is really going on in the world.